Concierge Pediatrics: Revolutionizing Child Healthcare

If you have been frustrated by waiting for weeks to see a physician, months to see a specialist and then once at your appointment you found yourself sitting in the waiting room for hours, then Concierge Medicine might be for you and your family.  On average, according to a recent survey of physicians, Americans wait about 24 days to see a new doctor and almost 20 minutes before the doctor comes in to see you. It is because of this and many other reasons that families are signing up for Concierge Pediatrics. 

Concierge Pediatrics refers to a specialized healthcare model that provides personalized and comprehensive medical care for children. Just like concierge medicine for adults, this approach involves a direct and more personalized relationship between the pediatrician or healthcare provider and the patient’s family. In Concierge Pediatrics, families typically pay a membership fee or retainer to access enhanced services and more individualized care.

Key features of concierge medicine for kids may include:

Extended and On-Demand Care: Concierge pediatricians often offer extended office hours, same-day appointments, and even after-hours access to medical advice and care, ensuring that parents have greater flexibility and convenience in managing their child’s health.

Personalized Attention: This model allows for more time during appointments, enabling pediatricians to provide in-depth consultations, address all concerns, and develop personalized healthcare plans tailored to each child’s specific needs.

Comprehensive Wellness: Concierge pediatricians emphasize not only treating illnesses but also focusing on preventive care and overall wellness. Concierge Pediatrics offers comprehensive health assessments, developmental screenings, and lifestyle guidance to promote a child’s optimal growth and development. In depth and unique checkups include EKG’s yearly starting at age 6, yearly blood work looking at CBC, cholesterol and glucose, hearing tests, vision and urine tests. Families are given the cell phones of the medical team with 24/7 access, the ability to get in quickly to see top specialists, no office waiting time and exclusive office access for their family with no exposure to a sick waiting room.  

Coordination of Care: With fewer patients in their roster, concierge pediatricians can dedicate more time to coordinating care among specialists if a child has complex medical needs. This ensures a more streamlined and holistic approach to healthcare management.

Health Education and Guidance: Concierge pediatricians often take on the role of health educators, providing parents with valuable information about child development, nutrition, vaccinations, and other relevant topics.

Access to Advanced Services: Some concierge pediatric practices may offer additional services such as in-house lab testing, virtual consultations, and other healthcare resources that contribute to a more convenient healthcare experience.

Concierge Pediatrics, is the first medical practice of its kind to open in the North Shore area in Roslyn, N.Y. and Woodbury, N.Y. providing this type of service to families.

Aside from the benefits mentioned above as a member, patients are given a complimentary bio tech device called the Nonagon (N9+). The N9+ is a handheld unit which is FDA cleared to conduct 9 physical examinations remotely using 4 medical-grade sensors and the patient’s smartphone camera to conduct the following:

  • Record Temperature
  • Photograph the Skin/eye, etc
  • Check Oxygen Level and pulse
  • Record Lung Sounds
  • Listen to your Heart
  • Photograph and Video the Inner Ear
  • Record Abdominal Sounds
  • Photograph and Video the Throat

Dr. Jassey, Dr. Jacobs and Dr. Sharon are equally excited to treat pediatric patients and families well by offering the appropriate amount of time needed for visits for a positive healthcare experience. They will develop a unique doctor/patient relationship throughout the entire family journey from a patients’ infancy to young adulthood.

Dr. Jonathan Jassey, a Board-Certified  pediatrician, graduated from the New York College of Osteopathic Medicine and completed his residency in pediatrics at Winthrop University Hospital. 

Dr. Sharon, a Board-Certified pediatrician,  received her medical degree and pediatric medical training from Upstate Medical University.

Dr. Linda Jacobs, a Board-Certified  pediatrician, received her medical degree from SUNY Upstate Medical University and completed her pediatric residency at Brown University/Hasbro Children’s Hospital. 

Call Concierge Pediatrics, 516-514-7337, or email,  to learn more about the practice and to determine if this is the right type of practice for your family.