Now Accompanying Your Child to College

One of the most stressful times as a college parent, is the inability to be present when your child does not feel well. We often feel helpless and disconnected as we attempt to navigate the college healthcare system from a distance. Concierge Pediatrics is pleased to introduce our new College Program, which provides the support you need to ensure your college student gets the highest level of medical care. Prior to leaving for the semester, the college student will have an in-person consultation and physical exam, at which time our physician will demonstrate to your child how to use the state-of- the-art Nonagon telehealth device that will be instrumental in ensuring their care while away from home.

The goal is to provide you and your child with exclusive access, personalized care and greater convenience via text, call or email.

Coverage Includes

  • Initial introductory consultation and physical exam
  • Unlimited advanced telehealth visits while at school
  • Unlimited in-person sick visits during college breaks
  • State-of-the-art Nonagon telehealth device for advanced virtual care
  • Ability to send prescriptions, as needed, to local college pharmacies
  • Liaison with college healthcare facilities, plus in/out-of-state Urgent Care centers
  • Notes provided for missed class due to illness
  • Optional College “Test Kit” – rapid flu, covid and strep tests

Studying Abroad and Traveling Overseas?  Liaison to Healthcare Providers Abroad

College Program Availability from August 15th – May 15th

Contact us to learn more, or apply to become a member now.