How to Handle a Diaper Blowout

Dealing with a messy diaper is no fun. Here’s why they happen and what to do about them.

By Alex Vance 

Published on December 15, 2023


Nothing ruins a sweet moment with your little one like the sudden explosion of baby poop. Whether it came with a warning rumble or erupted with a swift vengeance, diaper blowouts are never fun. The greenish-yellow streak running up your baby’s back might be alarming, but it is a common (and frankly, unpleasant) part of being a tiny human.

“Sometimes babies give a ‘Hershey schmear’ and other bowel movements can be more voluminous,” says Jonathan Jassey, DO, FAAP, a pediatrician at Concierge Pediatrics in Roslyn and Woodbury, New York.

Whether your baby is producing poopy diapers every day or once a week (both of which are normal), you are bound to experience the dreaded blowout at some point.1

So, as you say try and deal with that adorable outfit that is now matted in baby poop, we will help you understand why diaper blowouts happen, how to help prevent them, tips for the cleanup, and when to call your health care provider.