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At Concierge Pediatrics, we are dedicated to offering the highest quality Primary Care Pediatrics . We value our family’s time and offer convenient same day appointments, never a wait, and the comfort of knowing we are here for you with unprecedented access to our medical team after hours.

Well Visits

Childhood is a period when the body rapidly grows and changes. Our caring staff puts a strong emphasis on preventative care and wellness, going over exercise, nutrition, sleep, school performance and mental health offering a comprehensive annual well-child visit. During the annual visit, we take time to get to know each child, developing relationships that allow us to better meet their needs and support them in their development. Our concierge style approach allows members to schedule their annual physicals and vaccinations at the day and time that is convenient to them.

Sick Visits

As parents, we understand that when your child is not feeling well, there is nothing more important than being able to connect with the doctor you trust at a moment’s notice. Concierge Pediatrics is designed to meet this need by providing you with immediate access to their doctor, whether in person or virtually with our state of the art Nonagon technology.

Newborn Care

One of the most exciting times of a parent’s life is the birth of their child. It is also a time when new parents need the most support from their family, friends and pediatrician. Concierge Pediatrics limited member model allows our skilled providers to spend as much time as a member may need to guide them, answering newborn questions including feedings schedules, breastfeeding support, sleep techniques and other questions they may have. The first newborn visit is done from the comfort of your own home.

Mental & Behavioral Health

We recognize that many children are facing mental and behavioral challenges and our team Concierge Pediatrics is ready to help. Our doctors specialize in treating mental and behavioral issues including ADHD, anxiety, autism, behavioral problems, depression, oppositional defiant disorder and obsessive-compulsive disorder. Prior to prescribing medication, we offer comprehensive pharmacogenetic DNA testing to ensure the best medicine to meet the child’s needs.

Asthma & Allergies

Concierge Pediatrics physicians offer the latest science-based testing and treatment options for allergies and asthma. We provide comprehensive testing and treatment for allergies that can trigger asthma and other symptoms. Your concierge physician will create a custom treatment plan to ensure your child lives a healthy life without letting asthma or allergies interfere.

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